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PYP Theme: How We Express Ourselves

BiblioGarden PYP Librarian Beanstalk LogoAdvertising and Media: Unit Overview

Advertising and mass media is a unit often found in Upper Elementary PYP programs.  As the school librarian, I’ve found this a perfect unit to practice some key information literacy skills involving both note-taking and persuasive writing.  I’ve also found this to be an ideal unit to integrate technology.  After learning how ads are made, students use Animoto (free version) to create a short book trailer.  I’ve used this lesson series in two different international schools and it is quite effective.  The kids are so proud of their work!  I’ve even had a group of boys form an after-school movie making club based on their success with the trailer project.  Get the tech organized and give your kids a powerful learning experience with these library integration lessons linked to advertising and media.


Advertising and Media #1: How Ads Are Made

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students use a non-fiction text to learn how advertisements are made.  This is a Unit of Inquiry lesson with notetaking practice. Lesson Plan: Suggested Grades: 4-5  Objective: Practice notetaking using a Unit of Inquiry text on advertising.  (Information Literacy Skills.)  Students will be able to… Read more

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Advertising and Media #2: Book Trailers as a Form of Advertising

Lesson Overview:  In this lesson, students learn about trailers as a form of advertising.  Using what they learned last week about how advertisements are made, students “deconstruct” four book trailers. Lesson Plan: Suggested Grades: 4-5 Objective: To introduce students to the concept of Book Trailers as a way to advertise… Read more

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Advertising and Media #3: Making a Book Trailer

Lesson Overview: Building on what they learned last week about trailers, the students will make their own book trailers.  A fair bit of preparation is required to pull this off, but it’s a great integration of technology in the library, and the kids have a fabulous product to show their… Read more

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Advertising and Media #4: Book Trailer Premiere

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students celebrate their learning by watching the completed book trailer videos.  Kids are usually extremely proud of their videos!  Give them the chance to reflect on and celebrate their achievements by hosting a red-carpet video premiere!  Add popcorn or healthy movie treats for an especially… Read more

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