Sense of Place: Geography

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PYP Theme: Where We Are In Place & Time

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This unit is all about geography, and many PYP programs have this unit in one form or another.  Fortunately, it’s a terrific one for library lesson integration.  Start with atlases, either a review of skills or teaching new skills.  Follow that up with a geography game that will leave them in awe, then have the children get creative and make their own travel books.  Wrap it all up with a summative imaginary holiday trip.  Using atlases and writing about places has never been more fun than in this skill-packed geography unit.


Sense of Place: Geography #1: Atlases

The first lesson in the Sense of Place: Geography unit is a lesson on using atlases.  The lesson on atlases is in the Information Literacy theme, under the Reference Materials Unit of Inquiry.  It’s Lesson #4, Atlases #1, Atlases.  Please click here to see the lesson. Read more

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Sense of Place: Geography #2: It’s a Beautiful World

Lesson Overview: This lesson is actually an activity that builds on last week’s work with atlases.  It is designed to give students a sense of wonder about the incredible diversity and beauty found on Earth.  You’ll need one atlas for every two students and one copy of Lonely Planet’s Beautiful… Read more

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Sense of Place: Geography #3: Travel Guides and Panorama Pops

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, we move away from atlases and places on the map and focus on creating projects that promote an understanding of special locations.  Using travel guides, country books, and city “Panorama Pops”, students work together to create an accordion-style book that highlights features of a particular… Read more

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Sense of Place: Geography #4: Travel Writing, Visit Our School!

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, we build on last week’s idea of creating a piece of work that highlights the students’ understanding of new places.  However, instead of creating an artistic piece of work, students will combine their efforts to create a written piece.  Using travel guide books and local… Read more

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Sense of Place: Geography #5: Geography Review, A Holiday Getaway

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students use what they have learned about atlases, geography, and travel writing to create an imaginary holiday itinerary.  Using places nominated by their classmates, they will build some crazy and exciting holiday plans!  This is the final lesson in the unit and should be a… Read more

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