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Get ready to go, go, go in the transportation unit! These lesson plans rely heavily on books, mostly because I’ve taught this unit with Early Elementary grades, and they always needs a broad exposure to literature and different text types. We start off with Watty Piper’s classic, The Little Engine that Could. “I Think I Can” is a powerful message for young learners who may be struggling, so in that sense the lesson is inclusive. I also find that many teachers did not grow up with this timeless treasure, do not know it, and thus can’t share it with their kids. The unit then moves on to work with a simple non-fiction series about transportation. I like to play a guessing game with the children to get them going, after which they are more than ready to dive into all 12 books in the series. There is a lesson taken from history, one which uses imagination, and I wrap up with deep thinking when the children are asked to compare and contrast evidence and make their own decisions about how to reach Fitchburg. Don’t delay – jump on board and get your children excited about lots of new and exciting learning in the transportation unit.


Transportation #1: The Little Engine That Could

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, children will be introduced to story books and nonfiction titles about forms of transportation. Lesson Plan: Objective: To introduce children to stories and information books with a transportation theme.  To teach the children the famous classic by Watty Piper, The Little Engine That Could. Suggested… Read more

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Transportation #2: Let’s Go! Series

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students are introduced to twelve forms of transportation and a non-fiction series of books on transportation.  Be sure that you order the Let’s Go series beforehand so that you have all the necessary books in the collection. Lesson Plan: Suggested Grades: K-2 Objective: To learn… Read more

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Transportation #3: Hot Air

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students learn about the first documented hot air balloon flight.  The passengers were not people!  Who were they?  Teach this lesson and your children will find out the astonishing truth behind one of aviation’s exciting first flights. Lesson Plan: Suggested Grades: K-2 Objective: Children will… Read more

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Transportation #4: If I Built a Car, by Chris Van Dusen

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students will think creatively about designing their own car.  Cars have changed a lot over time, and this lesson gives children a chance to imagine a fantasy car or a car from the future. Lesson Plan: Suggested Ages:  Grades K-2 Objective: Students will use their… Read more

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Transportation #5: Henry Hikes to Fitchburg

Lesson Overview: Based on the work of Henry David Thoreau and the brilliant adaptation by D.B. Johnson, this lesson asks students to consider and compare two different forms of transportation; walking vs taking a train.  Thought provoking and challenging, students must decide which mode of transport is “best” and why.… Read more

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