It’s All in Your Head (The Brain)

Unit Lessons

PYP Theme: Who We Are

BiblioGarden PYP Librarian Beanstalk LogoIt’s All in Your Head (The Brain): Unit Overview

Can your brain do exercises?  Can you train your brain?   Building from the classroom teacher’s use of the theory of multiple intelligences, these library integration lessons give the kids a chance to explore a bit further.  They’ll apply the theory of multiple intelligences to the picture book biographies (introduced in Grade 2’s Role Model unit) in a sorting activity.  Next, they’ll challenge themselves with Brain Games from the library’s game and visual puzzle collection.  They’ll look at the connection between multiple intelligences and career choices and wind up with a logical thinking exercise through simple coding.  Growing smarter has never been so much fun!


It’s All in Your Head (The Brain) #1: Ways We Are Smart

Lesson Overview: This is a “tuning-in” lesson in which we build off the students’ new understanding of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Howard Gardner.  Make sure that the children have a basic understanding of different kinds of intelligence.  With that basic idea and an armful of easy biographies,… Read more

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It’s All in Your Head (The Brain) #2: Brain Games

Lesson Overview: Having learned different ways of being smart, it’s now time to have some fun letting the children challenge themselves.  This is a simple lesson in which you set up stations so that the children can see new things, figure things out, solve puzzles, and generally increase their brain… Read more

Betty Turpin

It’s All in Your Head (The Brain) #3: Multiple Intelligences and Careers

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students use what they have learned about multiple intelligence to sort careers.  They also use the library’s collection of resources on careers to find careers that fit each type of intelligence.  This is a sorting/grouping lesson with a chance for kids to work together in… Read more

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It’s All in Your Head (The Brain) #4: Kodable and Sequential Thinking

Lesson Overview: In this lesson, students practice sequential thinking.  This is great brain training in the “Math Smart” arena.  Logic is part of the “Math Smart” world, and your kids will enjoy learning to tell a computer what to do, then watching the results.  If you don’t know Kodable, spend… Read more

Betty Turpin