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Peace #3: A Little Peace, by Barbara Kerley

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Lesson Overview:

In this lesson, students will preview their photos and finalize their short scripts for the peace video.

Lesson Plan:

Suggested Grades:



Students will finalize their short (usually one sentence) scripts for the peace video.

Suggested Time:

35-45 minutes

Success Criteria:

Each student will check to ensure that he is in at least one of the photos selected for the video. Each student will also write a script for the slide in which he appears.

Lesson Outline:

1. Introduction:

We are working on showing our understanding of peace. Today we will make sure that all our pictures are in good order and that we know what we want to say in our video. We will also have a look at how someone else has shown what peace looks like around the world. Barbara Kerley didn’t make a peace video. She wrote a book, but her ideas might look and sound something like our ideas! Let’s see what she has prepared for us about peace.

2. Main:

Teach A Little Peace by Barbara Kerley. This book is exquisite! It has very little text, but the combined text and words are powerful. If the children have not yet decided what to show or how to pose, this book will help them. Whereas Todd Parr’s The Peace Book uses fanciful colors and illustrations, Ms. Kerley works with real life photographs. Her work captures people all over the world at home, work, in their communities, and playing peacefully and joyfully with one another.

If needed, let the kids work out their representation of peace and their spoken lines. As they are ready, take them singly or in pairs to finish the photographs or record their voices.

I have allowed two lessons for this, but the time may vary depending on how well the children follow instructions and work together.

3. Conclusion:

Tell the children that the next time you meet, the video will be ready to preview. Have them reflect on what it has felt like to see and hear themselves promoting peace. Ask how they feel about the message they have prepared. Ask how they think their message may be received by their classmates and parents. You may wish to have a few quiet minutes for them to write a short reflection about their part in this project.


1. A Little Peace by Barbara Kerley.
2. Camera or mobile device with a camera.
3. Any props, pencils, or papers that the children need for their poses or to remember their spoken lines.
4. Additional staff. I find that children need to rehearse and practice the speaking parts, especially if they are speaking in groups.
5. A quiet nook for recording the video narration.


Before this lesson, you will need to create a teacher account with Adobe Spark Video. Adobe Spark Video is easy to use, free, and will have you creating beautiful videos in minutes. I also enjoy using Animoto, but with Adobe Spark Video you can add a soundtrack. The soundtrack is essential for students to record their voices, explain their thinking, and narrate their photos. I use Adobe Spark Video on an iPad, but you can use it on other mobile devices and on a computer. Take the time to get familiar with the software before the lesson so that the effort is trouble-free when you are in front of the kids.

Here is a link to Adobe Spark Video: https://spark.adobe.com/about/video

Children often need help articulating clearly enough for the recording. Be prepared to record and playback several times so that they can hear their voices and make any necessary adjustments.

Finally, here is a link to what a finished product can look like: https://spark.adobe.com/video/2mvETADeMalzJ

Recommended books for this lesson:

1. A Little Peace by Barbara Kerley

Key Terms:

Peace, Hug, Smile, Wave, Friendship, Community, Caring, Security, Home, Happiness